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About Us

Black Oxide LLC is but a few years old.  It was spun off of another company, Universal Brass Inc. a manufacturer of automotive accessories where it had been operating since 1986.  Same people doing the job just a name closer to what is being done.

We really started getting serious about black oxide when Westinghouse, Hanford approached us with a need for extensive black oxide coatings.  Another company that was a pioneer for us getting going was and still is Fatigue Technologies.

Today most machine shops, forming and fastener companies use our service including the University of Washington.  We do excellent black oxide work because we do it for a living, not a side line.  Our employees have over 22 years experience and look forward to working on a job for you. We do free samples so customers can see exactly what black oxide will do for their products.

We have expanded our service to include the room temperature application with various polishing and graining techniques and sealing with epoxies.  The architectural applications are unlimited.  Lets see what Black Oxide LLC can do for you.
Call for Myron Lewis at 253-833-2119 or use our toll free number 1-800-710-2119.

We are located South of Seattle in the city of Auburn at the North end of the Auburn airport, and, we will shuttle you over if you wish to fly in.